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Steel Buildings Lufkin That Meet Your Standards

These steel buildings are what Lufkin and East Texas have been asking for.

metal building erectors near meOur steel buildings utilize a revolutionary, trademarked clear span system, that allows us to construct on your property a steel building that meets your specific needs. Whether you want a 32′ x 20′ canopy only that gets your equipment and employees out of the sun while allowing a fresh breeze to blow through or a 60′ x 60′ warehouse that is enclosed on all sides to protect valuable merchandise, this is the most cost effective, versatile way to do it.

Metal Buildings Or Just A Cover?

Some Businesses only need a cover. A big steel cover, but still…just a cover. Whether you are interested in keeping the direct sun off your equipment, a lunch pavilion for your employees, a place to park you car collection out of the direct weather and tree sap, this is the only way to go.

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A metal building that is open on all sides to allow the breeze to blow through while you enjoy a break from the hot sun. Set up a welding shop, aircraft hanger, or a place to park heavy equipment. Whatever you have in mind, this is your solution. The best part? Compared to other systems out there, this is one is the most budget minded.

A Steel Building For Your Valuables

A commercial grade steel storage building like this is one of a kind. Combining the strength of our trademarked truss system with the cost effective construction, you can save thousands (maybe tens of thousands) of dollars over traditional steel storage buildings. Do you have a classic car collection you want to keep in pristine shape? Look no further. Need a warehouse for you clients? Why go anywhere else. Its cheap, fast and efficient. It’s also clear span.

Yes, a commercial grade steel clear span building built on your property in weeks instead of months. What does clear span mean to you? It means no posts taking up space. It means you can configure your warehouse however you like. It means you can maneuver a forklift without having to worry about running into a critical support beam. It means it is wide open and space is your friend.

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Why A Commercial Grade Building

steel building garages costThree main reasons… They are quickly set up. Traditional manufacturing times for a comparable building can take months and they require you to pour a concrete slab. With our system you can have it in weeks and you aren’t required to pour a concrete slab. You can of course, it’s up to you, but if you don’t have the time, money or inclination for a slab you can do footers, piers or a concrete runner. It’s all up to you.

Second, they are durable. This is steel. Steel built this country and we are building with it too. Our buildings are built to last for years and years and to look good the entire time. We have both 14 gauge and 12 gauge steel depending on you needs. These buildings are certified for 20 psf/120 mph or 30 psf/130 mph depending on which gauge steel framing you choose. We offer engineered drawings and can meet most city and county requirements.

Third, it’s cost effective. Most companies today that use traditional construction techniques can cost you an arm and a leg. What we offer is just as strong but for far less the cost. You can literally save tens of thousands of dollars over what you would be charged at our competitors depending on the design you need. Don’t believe us? Call us today at (936) 465-9578 to find out.

A Few More Reasons Why

Flexible design. We can build to nearly any configuration you want. 32′ x 20′ on up to 60′ x 60′ and from 6′ tall on up to 16 feet tall. All open, one side closed, two sides, three side? We can do it. Want one side enclosed and one side only half way enclosed? We can do that too. Whatever you want, we can try to match it. Beauty. Our metal buildings are something you can be proud of. Sleek lines, handsome assortment of doors and windows and a wide choice of color combinations make it one of the most attractive designs out there. Warranty. We warranty what we build. You get a 20 year limited warranty on all roofing material so you know we are serious about the durability of our steel buildings.

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