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A RV Carport Protects It Now

RV Carport Lufkin TX is an excellent way to protect a very expensive investment and add years of life to your RV or motorhome.

Why Do I Need It?

rv carport with storage shedA carport that is purchased for an RV or motorhome is the best way to prevent fading from the sun, wind, hail and storm damage. Look, you have just spent multiple thousands of dollars on a recreational vehicle that you can enjoy for years to come. Why would you leave that valuable vehicle at the mercy of the elements when you have a cost effective way to protect it close at hand?

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How A Carport Can Protect Your RV

Our carports are built to exacting specifications and can be customized to most any height, width and length. Most people want to buy a RV carport with a twelve foot leg because it will be fifteen feet at the peak which is more than enough height to cover most motorhomes.

Another consideration is the width. Does your motorhome have slide-outs? If so you will probably want to buy a carport that will be wide enough to accommodate the RV with the slide-outs at their maximum extension. What about length? Make sure you get one that will cover the motorhome and then some. You don’t want a costly repair bill simple because you bought a cover that doesn’t extend long enough to cover sideways or slanting hail or because the east/west sun is hitting the ends of the RV.

Options, Options, Options

Did you know that you don’t have to stop at just a cover? You can add a multitude of options to enhance your experience. You can add side panels to offer additional protection from the weather to the sides of your motorhome cover. You can partially or completely enclose the sides to keep mother nature from touching your costly recreational vehicle. You can add a gable end to enhance the appearance of the cover.

You can add an enclosed storage area to one of the ends to give you a place to store all the stuff that you would carry on a trip such as inner-tubes, boats, floats, tools, life vests, etc.. or just store items that would normally clutter your home.

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And don’t forget to add some color. We have a wide selection of colors that you can mix and match and most will allow you to match the color of your RV or house.

You may want to get an even wider cover to allow you to park another vehicle beside your RV. Do you tow a car or motorcycle behind you when you travel? What about a place to park them when you at at “home”? We can create an environment that will protect all of this and more. These are just a few ideas and we have many more to offer you the best and most affordable protection for your stuff. Just give us a call today and we will be more than glad to help.

So What Are You Waiting For?

You don’t want to spend a bunch of money on your dream motorhome just to cheapen out on keeping it safe. For just a fraction of the cost of that motorhome you can buy peace of mind as well knowing that you have the very best cover money can buy.

Imagine all the years you will add to your RV, the resell value later on if you decide to ever part with it, and the hours you will save trying to wash, wax and shine your motorhome. Call us today and let us show you how we can do all that and more.

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