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Carports In Lufkin Are Necessary

There are many reasons that you should go out and purchase a carport and especially purchase one from us.

Reasons You Should Have One

metal rv carports with living spaceAs you know, Lufkin has insane, extreme weather conditions. Just about any kind of weather or natural occurrence can be found in Lufkin. Sun, wind, rain, hail, birds, and others can combine to negatively effect the lifetime of any exposed asset. You have seen what can happen to a car left out in the elements for just a few years. The sun fades paint, the wind can blow debris into your car, hail is a no-brainer and birds make hours of tedious washing necessary. Not to mention how hot a car in summer can get and be miserable to get into. Why go through all that if you don’t have to? Get a carport to protect your valuable assets.

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Farmers And Ranchers Use To Protect Livestock

You may not know it but a carport is not just a carport. There are many uses for these wonders including what some inventive farmers and ranchers have found use for them. When I first started in this business, I was surprised one day when a rancher wanted to have one erected on his property in order to use it during branding season. It offered shade to his cowboys and animals, he said. Not being a rancher, I had never thought of that before. He had come up with a cost effective and unique way to protect his men and property from the harsh sun. It saved him money, made his employees happy and, because it was portable, he was able to store hay and feed under it when branding season was over. Now you may not have cattle to brand, but you may have employees you want to keep happy by offering them protection while they work or take breaks.

A Storage Unit Or….

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Another unique way to use these covers is by completely enclosing them. I have had many customers enclose these units and by adding a door were able to store their things that they had cluttering their home. It was way cheaper than paying $90.00 a month or more to a rental unit, they owned it, it was set up on their property saving them countless hours shuffling stuff back and forth and they could come and go as they pleased. Many others will add a overhead garage door and give full protection and security to their vehicles and other valuables. Some have even converted these buildings into work or hobby shops. Welders, plumbers, electricians love that in a very short period of time they have a workshop to call their own. Hobbyist can move their supplies out of their homes and free up that extra room that their spouse has been wanting to convert into a spare bedroom. The possibilities are endless. I am sure you have an idea in mind that even i haven’t heard of yet.

Give Us A Call And Lets Talk

If you do have a use in mind, go ahead and give one of my experts a call today. If you have just about given up any hope of finding someone that can build what you want and at a reasonable cost, let us see if we can solve that problem for you today. Long lasting, attractive, and versatile, you may have just found the solution at

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